TATA Coke Oven
Typical Projects Undertake by SSIT

After several years of rapid growth, SSIT now has customers in India, Middle east, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt and many other countries in Asia, Africa and East Europe, etc. By 2009, SSIT had built more than 30 iron-making or steel-making plants abroad and now enjoys a high reputation  for providing state-of-the-art technology, excellent project implementation and prompt after-sale services.

Amongst the projects implemented by SSIT in India are Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd (BPSL)'s 800,000 TPA integrated iron-making plant and TATA STEEL's 1.6 MTPA non-recovery coking plant as well as TATA STEEL's C BF revamping project.

BSPL's project is comprised of one 1008 m3 blast furnace, a 105m2 sinter plant and a 0.45 mtpa coke oven plant. SSIT has provided complete design & engineering and most of the critical equipment. The project was successfully commissioned in Oct. 2007, becoming the first integrated iron-making plant ever supplied and commissioned overseas by a Chinese company. Apart from providing the latest and proven technologies, SSIT's site project construction team and commissioning service team have received accolades for the implementation of the project.

After the plant's successful commissioning, on BSPL's request, SSIT dispatched experienced operators and engineers to conduct plant training at BSPL's site. This has enabled a favorable condition for the plant's long-term smooth operation and strengthened the customer's confidence in SSIT's project implementation capability.

Another project, worthy of citation, is TATA STEEL's 1.6MTPA coke oven plant - the first turnkey project ever implemented by a Chinese company in India, as also the largest metallurgical project implementated overseas by a Chinese company. The plant has brought about enormous social and economical benefits for its customer and the local people. Due to its special traits and its effect, this project is a milestone in SSIT's history of metallurgical project contracts.

TATA STEEL has also awarded SSIT to revamp its C BF (719m3). After a careful study of the furnace foundation and its auxiliary facilities, SSIT has proposed to increase the volume to 1080m3. SSIT has provided core equipment and Indian standard civil drawings  and structure frabrication drawings of furnace shell, tower structure and skip bridge, which enabled TATA STEEL to fabricate locally and save great cost. The revamped blast furnace was successfully commissioned on Sep.22nd 2009 and within ten days after commissioning, it achieved production of 2350 tons/day and exceeded the designed production. This project has won SSIT great reputation in TATA STEEL.

For better coordination and providing better service to customers, SSIT launched SIMES, its Indian subsidiary company in 2006. SIMES is a center for engineering, local procurement, project coordination, and rendering technical services.

Success is never the end but a beginning. Our enduring pursuit is to provide quality projects and products. SSIT would like to join hands with all its  customers in its endeavor to build the best metallurgical plant.

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