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New Plants Mining & Beneficiation

For Iron Ore Mining and Beneficiation, whether it's hematite or magnetite iron ore, SSIT is capable of undertaking the projects including engineering, design, equipment supply, supervision, training and maintenance on EPS, EPC or Turnkey basis with capacity from 0.1 to 18 million TPA as required by the Client.

China is abundant of Iron Ore reserves, estimated at about 57.172 bn. tonnes.  However, lean ore accounts for about 97.72% and the average grade is 32.67% only. The raw material condition compelled China's research to develop the beneficiation technology vigorously. And, investment in manpower, material and financial resources, led to a breakthrough in development of new technology for beneficiation of hematite-type iron ore.

Hematite ore is mainly concentrated in northeastern China — Anshan, where our joint venture company Anshan Metallurgical Design & Research Institute is located.

With years of experience garnered in design and construction, technology for beneficiation of hematite & magnetite type iron ore has matured. The basic process for hematite beneficiation involves Crushing — Grinding — Magnetic separation —Gravity separation — High gradient magnetic separation — Floatation / Reverse floatation. The ROM iron ore is up graded from 32% to 65% - 68% in Fe content.

In the past two decades, many projects, as well as feasibility studies on Mining and beneficiation plant, have been realized, both in China and overseas.

Reference List of Beneficiation Plant in the last 5 years



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