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New Plants Sinter Plant Linear Sinter Plant

Linear Sintering Plant  (Capacity: 24m2-450m2)


1.Burnt lime addition:
Burnt lime addition into raw mix increases the raw mix temperature, optimize the sintering process and ensure a stable and high productivity.

2.Automatic Proportioning:
Automatic proportioning  system with accuracy of ±0.5% is applied so that the operation of equipment is much more reliable and the sinter quality is assured

3.Deep Bed sintering:
The total bed height on sinter machine can be above 650mm, which shall reduce the fuel consumption, save operation cost and lower down FeO content in the sinter product.

4.Energy efficient ignition furnace:
New type energy efficient ignition furnace is designed, including pre-heating, ignition and post heating section. With this furnace, energy shall be saved, operation cost shall be reduced and sinter product quality shall be improved. Moreover, this new type furnace can be fired with various  fuels, such as pure low CV BF gas, Light Diesel Oil and LPG.

6.Waste heat recovery system:
The waste gas from the sinter cooler shall be recycled for pre-heating the raw mix under ignition furnace and post annealing of sinter . Gas fuel consumption shall be reduced and operation cost shall decrease.

7.Environmental protection:
ESP with de-dusting efficiency more than 99% is used for well protecting the environment. Water treatment system ensures zero effluent from sinter plant.

Advanced distributed control systems and PLC system brings about easy operation of the plant, so that staff requirement is lessened and running cost is lowered down.

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