Beijing Sino-Steel Industry &Trade Group Corporation(SSIT) specialized in Metallurgical field, is well-known as one leading global supplier and project contractor engaged in technology transfer, engineering, construction, equipment supply and erection, testing, commissioning and demonstration of performance guarantee, etc.

SSIT has strong strength and rich experiences and has developed series of patented technologies by cooperating with reputed Chinese metallurgical institutes. The patented technologies include: stamp charged recovery and non-recovery coke oven, annular sinter machine, traveling grate and rotary kiln pelletizing technology, long-service-life furnace lining technology with soft water closed loop circulation cooling and carbon blocks & ceramic cups, high temperature top fired stove fired with 100% blast furnace gas, Bell Less Top (BLT), bag filter dry gas cleaning plant (Dry GCP), pulverized coal injection (PCI), hot metal desulpurization, CCPP gas power generation, combined top-bottom blowing converter, LF refining furnace, ultra-fine slag application, various rolling equipment typical of Chinese characteristics, regenerative reheating furnace, etc. The above patented technologies and equipment either have successfully been or are being promoted into the international market and have generated enormous economic benefits.

1.  Bell-less Top   

  • Good sealing performance and high furnace top pressure
  • Flexible material distribution mode 
  • Light equipment, easy for maintenance
  • Both air cooling and water cooling can be applied       
  • Suitable for blast furnace of various sizes

2.  PCI Technology

  • No restraint in coal variety (anthracite/ bituminite /anthracite + bituminite)
  • High injection capacity (max. 200kg/thm)
  • High concentration conveying (up to 40-60kg/m3)
  • Even injection with error below 3%
  • Full automation of vessel switching over 

3.  Annular Sinter Machine

  • Suitable for small blast furnace with size below 400m3
  • High productivity
  • Low investment, optimized land use and short construction period
  • Good sealing performance and low air leakage

4.  Grate-kiln Pelletizing Technology

  • High productivity with high-level automation     
  • Coal can be used as fuel and energy consumption is low
  • Both hematite and magnetite can be used 
  • green and mass production
  • convenient maintenance

5.  Heat-recovery Coke Oven

  • Less Investment and short construction period
  • Weakly-coking coal can be used
  • No fume or dust emits during charging, coking and pushing.
  • No waste water with harmful ingredients is produced.
  • Heat is recovered for power generation

6.  Regenerating Reheating Furnace

  • Saving fuel by using BF gas or regenerating gas
  • High heat efficiency by heating the air and gas to 1000℃ through regenerator
  • Flexible action, less trouble points and minimized maintenance work
  • High product quality, long service life and environment friendly 
  • Compact arrangement and optimized land use

7.  Tangential Top-fired Hot Blast Stove

  • Full combustion of gas and combustion air
  • High blast temperature
  • Low investment and energy efficient
  • optimized land use
  • Long service life


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