Plant Revamping
Plant Revamping Coke Oven Revamping


Most coke ovens, built before 2000, were top-charging type.  After 2000, stamp-charging became increasingly popular due to the following advantages:

  • Use a wider coal resource base, like lean coal; even anthracite.
  • Blend a larger amount of weak caking coal, at most 30—40%.
  • Achieve lower operating cost: at least 10—15%.

SSIT has a distinct and hands-on experience.  We can provide various schemes to revamp coke oven i.e. from top-charging to stamp-charging given the conditions of existing coke ovens whether they are heat recovery coke ovens or by-product recovery coke ovens.

In 2006, SSIT revamped the design and stamping machinery for Lanco Industries limited, India, which yielded enormous benefits.

In 2007, SSIT provided the preliminary design and engineering for #1 battery revamping project of TATA Steel, India.

In 2007, SSIT submitted a technical proposal to SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant, India, for revamping the CO gas purification system.

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