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New Plants Iron Making Blast Furnace

BF  Size of SSIT's Supply(effective volume): 320m3-3400 m3

Modern Features of BF supplied by SSIT:

1- Long Campaign Life:  Ceramic cup plus carbon blocks underhearth as well as  reliable proper cooling system make it possible for BF life to be more than 15 years.

2- Thin Furnace Wall: stave cooler with insertion refractory lining, increases the furnace volume without compromising the cooling effect.

3- Bell Less Top: reliable sealing and flexible distribution, bringing about a sound charging and furnace top gas system.

4- Soft Water Closed Circuit Circulation Cooling: strong cooling effects, creating favorable conditions for a longer campaign life of blast furnace.

5- Tangential Top Fired Stove with Ceramic Burner as well as Combustion Air & BF Gas Double Pre-heating System: easily achieve 1150-1200 degree Centigrade blast temperature. Oxygen enrichment rate: 3-5%.

6- Flat Cast House: allows free movement of the cast house vehicles in the cast house and a ramp is also designed to connect the cast house to the tuyere platform for convenient movement between the cast house and the tuyere platform.

7- Top Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT): vividly called MONEY PRINTER, making use of the BF gas pressure for power generation.

8- Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI): injection rate up to 200kg/t•hot metal with reliable safety measures.

9- Dry Type Gas Cleaning Plant (Bag Filter): no water consumption or sewage emission, high gas temperature and superior gas quality, power saving, minimal land occupancy, low investment, etc.

10- Screw Conveyor Type Slag Granulation Plant (latest generation of slag granulation technology): highest automation level slag granulation technology available at present, environment friendly, energy efficient, least construction space, less investment, easy operation and maintenance.

11- High Automation Level and Monitoring System

3200 m3 BF 1800 m3 BF
Top Fired Stove TRT

A proposal can be given suited to the Customer's actual situation and requirement.

General Operation Figures of the Blast Furnace of SSIT Supply:

S.N Description Value Remarks
1 Productivity 2.2-4t/m.d Depending on the furnace size and agglomerate of the burden material
2 Fuel Rate: Coke rate: 370-420kg /t.HM PCI rate: 120-200kg /thm  
3 Gas Cleaning Plant GCP outlet dust content: <5mg/Nm3  
4 Hot Blast Temperature 1150-1200℃  
5 PCI Coal dust size: 200mesh: <90%, >80%. Injection rate: 120-200 kg/t.HM  
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