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Rolling Mill

For the rolling mill and the downstream facilities shown below, SSIT can provide process design, supply complete set of equipment, construction supervision, project consultancy, technical services and undertake projects on a turnkey basis.

1. Various bar rolling lines

Arrangement of mills Continuous rolling line
over 10 nos. alternatively arranged H-V mills for rolling line
Types of mills Houseless, high rigidity, short stress path
Production capacity 200,000-800,000 TPA
Specification Φ8-32mm rebars,Φ12-40mm bar Product could be TMT treated as request

2. High speed wire rod line

Arrangement of mills Continuous rolling line
Alternatively arranged H-V mills for rough/intermediate mills
Top 45°crossing high speed mills for pre-finishing train and finishing train
Rolling speed Max 105 m/s
Weight of a coil 1-2.5 t
Production Capacity 400,000-700,000TPA

3. HR lines for narrow strips

Arrangement for narrow strip rolling mill Semi-continuous rolling:
One reversing edging Mill,
One reversing 2-Hi horizontal mill for rough rolling
Continuous rolling:
One Nos. edging Mill, six-seven stand continuous 4-Hi mill for finish rolling
Specification thickness: 1.5-8mm
width: 150-350mm strip coil
Weight of coil Max. 3t
Rolling Capacity 300,000-400,000TPA

4. HR line for middle width strip

Arrangement of mills Semi-continuous rolling:
One reversing edging mill, one 2-Hi reversing mill for rough rolling. continuous rolling:
One edging Mill, two 2-Hi(or 4-Hi)Horizontal mills, one edging mill, two 2-Hi(or 4-Hi) horizontal mill, for rough rolling;
One edging mill, six-seven finishing mill for finish rolling
Specification thickness 1.5-8mm
Weight of strip coil: Max. 8t
Rolling Capacity 400,000-1,000,000 TPA

5. HR lines for wide strips

Arrangement of mills

ASP line Walking beam reheating furnace, one edging mill, one 4-Hi reversing roughing mill for rough rolling, six-seven 4-Hi continuous finishing mill (with hydraulic AGC) for finish rolling; Laminar flow cooling; two nos. coilers.
CSP line Thin slab continuous casting, tunnel furnace, six-seven stand 4-Hi continuous mill (with hydraulic AGC); Laminar flow cooling; 2 Nos. coilers.
Specification Strip coil with thickness of 1.2-25mm
Width of 1200-2150mm
Weight of strip coil: Max. 30t
Rolling capacity Max. 500,000 t

6.HR lines for medium-wide plate

Main equipment Two-three nos. walking beam reheating furnace, one-two stand 4-Hi mills, hot straightener, walking cooling bed, end cropping shear, side shear, slitting shear, cut-to-length shear, heat treatment line, cold straightener.
Specification Thickness: 5-150(400) mm
Width: 900-5200 mm
Length: 6000-12000 mm
Rolling capacity 400,000-2,000,000 TPA

7.Push-pickling line(PPL)

Strip thickness 1.2-4.5mm
Strip width 500-1300mm
Coil weight Max.25t
Line speed Max.120m/min
Capacity 400,000tons/year
Continuous Pickling Line Strip thickness: 1.2-4.5mm
Strip width 500-1530mm
Coil weight Max. 30tons
Line speed 300m/min
Capacity 800,000tons/year

8. Acid Regeneration Plant

WPL(waste pickled acid) entering the plant 3000-6000 l/h.
Regenerated acid total HCl-content approx. 190 - 210 g/l (bound + free)
Fe-concentration approx. 5 g/l approx. 5 g/l

9. Reversible Cold Rolling Mill

Entry thickness 1.80-4.0mm
Exit thickness 0.18-2.0mm
Strip width 700/1600mm
Rolling speed 1000mm/min
Max coil weight 29t

10. Continuous Hot-dip galvanizing Line(CGL)

Material CQ,DQ,DDQ sheet
Width 300-1250mm
Coating type GI, GL(Galvalume)
Coating weight both sides coating 80-300g/m2
Thickness 0.3(+zinc)-2mm(Max)
Line speed 50-180m/min

11. Color Coating Line(CCL)

Raw material CR plate or galvanized sheet
Thickness 0.15-1.5mm
Width 300-1550mm
Line speed 20-100m/min
Thickness of dry film 8-15μm

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