The 2nd Hand Plant

SSIT has established and maintained long-term cooperative arrangements with many large and medium Chinese iron & steel enterprises to dispose of second-hand metallurgical equipment or unused production lines to overseas customers.

We are able and very experienced to deal with these second hand or unused production line on a turnkey basis to cover sintering, pelletization, coking, iron making, steel making, steel rolling, strip galvanization and color coating, with oxygenerator, blowers, TRTs, PCIs and other allied and auxiliary facilities.

We can also upgrade, repair and modify key equipment and provide tailor-made solutions to suit the client’s requirement covering design / engineering to successful commissioning. 

Second hand metallurgical equipment have advantages like lower investment, brief construction time and thus faster economic returns. Most suited for medium or small-size enterprises.

The main second hand metallurgical equipment or unused production lines are:

  • 24-90m2 linear sintering plant, 28 m2 annular sintering plant
  • Shaft furnace for pellets
  • Coke ovens, output between 0.3-0.9MTPA
  • 128-750m3 blast furnace
  • 20-30t convertors
  • Steel rolling mills to produces re-bar, wire, T-steel, etc.

The second hand metallurgical equipment, readily available are as follow:

A. Coking

  • 80 type 42-Oven:
    Top charging car, 3 sets;     Pushing machine, 2 sets;
    Coke guide, 2 sets;      Quenching machine, 2 sets;
    Height of coking chamber: 4.3m. Output: about 0.8 - 0.9 MTPA.
  • 32-oven with 2.8m coking chamber
  • 58 type 32-oven

B. Sintering

  • 90 m2 linear sintering machine
    Fan: SJ 8000.Two sets of annular cooler.
  • 40 m2 linear sintering machine
  • 36 m2 linear sintering machine
    Pallet size: 750*1400   Pallet speed: 0.372-2m/min; 
    Fan: SJ3500,     Auxiliary motor: YR560-4, 10kV, 1250kW
    Mn Reductor: ZS1316-100-II, I = 2044.26, two sets
    Auxiliary motor: YZ180L-8, 11KW.
    Φ2800X 9000 Mixer  
    Conveyor length: 800m

C . Pelletizing

  • 10 m2 shaft furnace
    Ф4200 balling disc,
    5 sets.Ф4200×6000 Ball mill, 1 set, centre drive
    Ф2200×9000 Drier (Motor: 55KW, Reductor: JZQ850 ,i=30.56), 1 set
    Drying cylinder, 2 sets
    Belt cooler, 1 set
    Transformer: S7-1250/6KV, 3 sets
    Fan (Moter:180kW)
    High-low tension panel

D. Iron-making

  • 750m3 Blast Furnace:
    This BF, built in 2001, revamped in 2006, is running, but will shutdown soon.
    The main equipment are :
    Blower: axial-flow stator-blade fully adjustable type, made by Mitsubishi. 13-stage stator-blade, driven by steam turbine, wind capacity:2800m³/min, pressure: 4.5ata, shaft power: 8094-12459kW, input power: 14410kW, rated speed: 6676-7148r/min,
    Bell-less top with chute, double skip car charging system.
    Hydraulic mud gun and pneumatic taphole drill;
    Gravity dust catcher;
    Dry-type bag filter;
    Advanced electric power distribution and control system
    BF productivity: between 2.7-2.8.
  • 179m3 Blast furnace
  • 128m3 Blast furnace
  • 158m3 Blast furnace

E. Steel-making

  • EAF
  • Convertor
    180 T Convertor, manufactured in 2006, but not yet erected.
    Weight of backing ring: 183.8 t;. proper weight: 171 t. Driving side bearing block weight is 34.5 tons.
    Slave side bearing block weight: 21.7 t; tilting mechanism weight: 108.6 t.
    Torsion bar mechanism and proper controller are also available.

F. Steel rolling

  • Wire rod mill
  • Plate mill
    Cold-rolling roller press line:
    This production line can process 6mm plate with width of 1250mm
  • Rebar and shape mill
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